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My Itinerary (I guess). The joys of flexibility!

Yes, this is a post about my itinerary in regards to my planned RTW trip, though I want to make it clear that my itinerary is extremely flexible. Neither the times (Hah! times?) nor the destinations are solid, and I’m leaving plenty up to fate. The stages of planning are early yet, and though they may solidify a bit the more time goes on, I fully expect to be swept away mid-train ride to a place so far out of my way, I’ll have no choice but to scrap the whole idea of having an itinerary. You know, I think I’m actually partial to that idea myself now that I mention it, but for the sake of this post, I’ll let the world know of my early plans, if only as a way for me to eventually look back on how much had changed. This is only the European portion of my plans.


  • Ireland is simple. Arriving in Dublin, I’ll take a bus out to Kilkenny, then backpack all the way to Shannon. Grueling? Yes, but still simple.
  • From Shannon, I’ll take a flight out to Nice, France. In trying to skirt spending time in most of the expensive countries in Europe, I wind up going through perhaps the two most wallet burning ones.
  • From Nice, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump along the coast to Ventimiglia, Italy. How long I decide to bum out backpacking along the coast is just one of the perks of this trip.
  • A quick train ride later and I’ll be in Venice, keeping a close eye on my wallet.
  • After living it up in the City of Romance as cheaply as possible, it’s on to the next destination–Trieste, Italy.
  • Next, the first place I specifically want to see; Divača, Slovenia–or more specifically, the Škocjan Caves. I’m hoping to finally see the olm salamander up close and personal!
  • Unfortunately, Croatia–the next country on the list–doesn’t have much in the way of convenient public transportation, so it’s on up to Ljubjana, Slovenia in order to go to Zagreb, Croatia.
  • From Zagreb, it’s a short plane all the way down to Zadar, which is the closest I can get by way of paid transport to the Plitvice Lakes–the second specific UNESCO World Heritage site I am dying to see.
  • Then it’s a long walk back to Zadar from the Plitvice Lakes to pick up a plane straight to Podgorica, Montenegro.
  • From Podgorica, it’s another long walk to Rozaje, then straight to Pec, Kosovo.

From then, somehow I’ll get through to Turkey by way of Macedonia and Bulgaria, then straight to India, on through Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia (reptile heaven!), Indonesia, the Philippines, (maybe) Taiwan, and finally ending in Japan. A long crazy ride, and I may need more than a year to see it all! More to come as I figure out a loose itinerary for the rest of the trip (stress ‘loose’).

I'm pretty sure I am the only one to attribute the word 'adorable' to images of the olm.

About herptraveler

With a passion for travel and for herpetology, I plan on embarking on a year-long Eurasian adventure early 2012, exploring many countries and getting to know their reptilian wildlife.


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