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Letter to the Future

Hi future,

We haven’t met, but I’ve heard a lot about you around town. You already know all about me, so let’s talk about you.

How are you? Where are you? Are you living it up in Japan like I discussed, preparing to head on home to good ol’ Californ-eye-ay? Perhaps you’re in Russia, having taken a wrong turn in Malaysia–good luck finding reptiles there, by the way. Do you have any goals, any idea when you’re heading back? You are going to head back, right? I only ask, well, because I’m concerned. I know I kind of left you high and dry with little money to speak of, possibly putting too much trust in your ingenuity, but I want you to know I only wanted what’s best for you. I may have been a little hasty, thrusting you into an unknown world as an introverted little hopeful. I really hope you didn’t have too many hardships, and that you came out on top.

I not only feel that I know you, but that we’re deeply connected, and I look forward optimistically to doing all of the things you’ve done, meeting all of the same people you have. Don’t ruin the experience for me, though, I don’t need any spoilers! I just wanted to know you are well and safe, and that you had an absolute blast this year. I’ll be checking in periodically.

Your eager counterpart,

Herp Traveler

About herptraveler

With a passion for travel and for herpetology, I plan on embarking on a year-long Eurasian adventure early 2012, exploring many countries and getting to know their reptilian wildlife.


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