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Baby Steps

So, yesterday I finally got a second job. It was a lot easier to get than I expected, and now I work mornings at Burger King and evenings at a grocery store slicing meat. It’s not glamorous, but glamorous wasn’t what I was asking for anyway. The ‘New Hire’ excitement is only just beginning to fade after my second day of work, and I cannot wait to start getting two paychecks every Friday. It will be grand.

I’ve tried figuring out how soon I’ll be able to start stashing away money, but there remains too many variables to sort out, so the best I can say is I can start seriously saving… maybe October? I have to get my cavities fixed, (yay my new job lets me have dental insurance immediately!) my dog fixed, my rent paid, and I have yet to be clued in on how everything will work out when we finally move. After all of that, I’ll be getting myself a new phone, and since that is technically on my list of things for the trip, that will be the very first baby step to filling my backpack (that I have yet to buy). It will also serve a dual purpose of not having to share a phone with my sister anymore. Huzzah! All in all, I am a very exited woman, and I’m happy to see my plans coyly emerging from mere fantasy into solid, touch-it-with-my-fingertips reality.

That said, I am going to be one tired duck from all of this. I have tomorrow off, but Saturday and Sunday are booked. All in the name of money, though, right? Yes, yes it is.

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With a passion for travel and for herpetology, I plan on embarking on a year-long Eurasian adventure early 2012, exploring many countries and getting to know their reptilian wildlife.


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