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I’m going to die early.

So, after four weeks of pain-in-the-ass moving (moving needs to be instantaneous–get on it science!), I’m living in a mostly-finished house with no carpet or heat with the onslaught of winter approaching, making this a butt-ass cold house and a sorry predicament. Add to that, one of my jobs (I told you I got a second job right?) decided to royally screw with me with the worst timing possible.

Burger King, you have to understand, is extremely tightfisted when it comes to money. I’m bad at reducing waste, because, essentially, it’s all a guessing game (no matter how accurately they try to predict their customer base, sometimes you just never know what would be too much to prepare). Add to that, I’m a bit accident prone, and have dropped food–as have many others in the store. But I’m not here to rant, (who am I kidding, that’s what these things are for!) I’m just trying to explain things.

Anyways, there’s a new manager that’s only been there for a month or so, and she’s pulling out all of the stops to save money–whether that’s to core tomatoes or scrape the last little bit of sauce out of the packet. She’s noticed I’ve managed to waste $25 worth of food in a week of working (that’s a lot, considering one biscuit costs something like 15 cents). Long story short, she suspended me for a week. The bitch of it all is she never consulted me. She never gave me a verbal warning, didn’t write me up, didn’t warn me in any way, and in fact didn’t even bother to tell me not to come in, thus ensuring I showed up at 5 o’clock in the morning looking like an idiot who’s had her name whited out from the schedule.

Now, I could understand what she was doing up until this point–she’s a manager who’s a bit OCD, she has higher-ups yelling at her to do a better job than the previous manager, and that’s just how she rolls anyways. She has very little people skills, and I can tell she abhors confrontation…but really? You don’t treat your employees like this, you don’t ignore them and hope they go away, hope they’re okay with you screwing up their paycheck. If she had sat down and talked to me, explained that I was to be put on suspension, I would still be upset but my respect for her wouldn’t have plummeted the way it had. And I wouldn’t be planning on quitting before I had another job lined up.

What she did made it impossible for me to make rent, not to mention all of the others bills I need to pay deposits on and whatnot. By a stroke of pure luck, my sister’s boyfriend started a new job today, just in time to get paid when rent is due, but I’ll still need a second job until he can fully support us all. And to answer the question maybe someone is asking, no I haven’t been able to save a single cent toward my travels. The plan was to get my tooth fixed and the dog fixed as soon as I have enough that doesn’t go to food or bills, but that has yet to happen. And until those two things happen, the best I can do is buy the small things for my trip here and there and hope it doesn’t cut too deeply.

My next move is to replace Burger King with Petsmart. Petsmart–no doubt exactly like Petco was–is the enemy I know. It’s not that fast-paced, less-time-more-money circus that the fast food industry forces upon its employees for next to nothing as far as hours and wages go. Not only that, but I know for a fact that they’re hiring, though maybe not for the position I truly desire (what can I say? Bathing dogs has become a passion of mine). With just over two years of working for Petco and the seven months working as a bather under my belt, I am nothing if not confident about getting the job. The application is in, I’ll be calling today to see how it all goes, and all I have to do is schmooze. Here’s hoping I get the job I want, here’s hoping I can still make it to Ireland on schedule, here’s hoping I can quit Burger King without consequence. Wish me luck!

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With a passion for travel and for herpetology, I plan on embarking on a year-long Eurasian adventure early 2012, exploring many countries and getting to know their reptilian wildlife.


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