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Series: More Goals for 2012

Apologies for the delay, I’ve had some technical difficulties with my laptop–now dubbed BrokeAss. I’m still working to get BrokeAss running again, or at the very least BrokeAss the First (the broken laptop that proceeded BrokeAss), so in the mean time I’ll be using a friend’s computer. So, if you’ll bear with me, I’ll continue with the post I meant to write a couple of days ago.

Goal #2

As a kid, my favorite T.V. personality was Jeff Corwin, a herpetologist on Animal Planet (back when Animal Planet had relevant shows). I wanted to be him, to do what he did out in the wilderness of foreign countries–though perhaps without the camera trained on me, as I was, and still remain, camera shy. Although I didn’t have the unconditional love for reptiles back then that I do now, just the thought of traipsing through jungles and deserts, finding chance animals here and there, and cursing those rascally monkeys was enough to spark the very first vestiges of wanderlust in my wee little head.

Over time, that vague dream of chasing animals without consequence has morphed into a rather solid (if I do say so myself) plan of becoming a field researcher. Though I still lack the credentials that take years to establish, and I’ve yet to begin the grueling process that is university, I believe it’s never too early to start doing what you want. The years I spend outside of school can be just as useful to my resume as the jobs and schooling I’ll eventually get otherwise, so long as I know how to work it. What I hope to accomplish with this blog, aside from partially funding my trip, is to prove my worthiness to my chosen career, as I’ll be using this think space to document all of the animals I come across in my travels. Now, let’s just hope I don’t wind up dead in Cambodia from the bite of an Ophiophagus hanna.

No matter if you think I’m crazy or not, my second goal for this trip is for my given career. It’s the first step in ensuring I can accomplish my seemingly impossible goal of obtaining two PhDs, to prove to myself I can do it all.

Goal #3

Tying into the second goal is my endeavor to orchestrate a new learning experience for myself that I could never get from school. Sure, you’re expected to gain research in somewhat the same manner when you start your thesis or your dissertation, but this trip is more about freedom than anything else, and the freedom to learn how I want, at the pace I need, without the absolute requirement to write a book about it all. This trip is education my way, and it’s not only education that will help me in school–it’s education that will help me in life, things that I need to learn how to do by myself that is literally impossible to teach in a classroom.

I’m not saying university, or even community college isn’t something I want–no, need to do. Just as there are things to be learned outside, there are things to be learned inside the classroom that I don’t trust anything except an institution of education to teach me. In fact, I’m looking into studying abroad while I travel if I can get a scholarship or grant to do so. I’m just trying to round out my education.

I’m thirsty for knowledge in any form, and I have to trust in me to teach myself my own path in life.

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About herptraveler

With a passion for travel and for herpetology, I plan on embarking on a year-long Eurasian adventure early 2012, exploring many countries and getting to know their reptilian wildlife.


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