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It’s time again–the Thanksgiving decorations have already been neglected at the stores, Christmas has long since muscled its way into every single advertisement, and you’re busy looking for that fantastic turkey deal at the very last second. Ignoring the fact that Thanksgiving, for the most part, is grossly historically inaccurate, it’s widely used with varying success to bring peace amongst family, neighbors, and the self. This year, I’ve decided to make a definitive list of things I’m thankful for, a tradition I’ve never fully participated in.

  • Thanks for all of the bad things in life, that just prove to make me a stronger person in the end.
  • Thanks for all of the good things in life, that help to push me through all of the bad things.
  • Thanks for the existence of snakes, the perfect outlet for all of my crazy.
  • Thanks for the opportunity I am allowed that lets me travel the world.
  • Thanks for all of the technological advances that make this world a smaller place to live in, and aids in my travels.
  • Thanks for the internet, this ungodly creature that has both doomed and saved humanity depending on what website you’re on at the moment (I’m looking at you, Rage Guy).
  • Thanks for the delicious smells currently wafting from the kitchen.
  • Thanks for allowing me to have a gigantic dinner with my family, the last Thanksgiving before I depart.
  • Thanks for Dwarf Fortress, just about the best game to waste your time with (next to Nethack).

About herptraveler

With a passion for travel and for herpetology, I plan on embarking on a year-long Eurasian adventure early 2012, exploring many countries and getting to know their reptilian wildlife.


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