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Baby Steps

So, yesterday I finally got a second job. It was a lot easier to get than I expected, and now I work mornings at Burger King and evenings at a grocery store slicing meat. It’s not glamorous, but glamorous wasn’t what I was asking for anyway. The ‘New Hire’ excitement is only just beginning to … Continue reading

And I’m Back, with Two Major Changes

Okay, so it’s become apparent that I’m no good at this, at least not yet. I am notoriously bad at keeping up blogs, posts, twits, and anything that is even remotely tied to a daily diary. That said, I’m doing much better with this than I normally would be. The fact that I made six … Continue reading

Humiliation and Sweat

Yesterday, I posted very compelling reasons for exercising, and they don’t only apply to traveling. Today, I’m letting you get a peek at my own exercise session. Unfortunately (for you) my sister’s video camera has no batteries, so you don’t actually get to laugh as you watch me collapse every other time I do a … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Start Exercising Before Traveling

I’m going to start by saying I don’t know the first thing about exercise. I’ve never done it. I would say aside from Physical Education in high school, but I never considered that anything other than torture in the form of Jazzercise. Now, I may look skinny, but don’t let my size fool you–none of … Continue reading


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